Well, here we are, the 3rd annual SC Awards! As always I wish every one of you all the best and all the luck! Be on the lookout for the unknown Imposter (http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/25794637) All security personnel are standin' by in today's ceremony and throughout the SC community to apprehend the elusive cyberterrorist who caused a security breach within our system and committed lewd and offensive acts in last year's Awards ceremony. I have dispatched a sentinel codenamed Blackpawn 13 (http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/63588818) to take further care of this dire matter for your protection/(hh00000@/-----for his capture will be greatly rewarded 8,000,000 Glops^>~|<~|][[[[*00(((What's happenin' to my iPa<<((1xxvggg:/54/THAT GOOFY BAST+4>!====!!)0@::HE'S DOIN' IT AGAI///$<[[#xsd111*KISSES* miss me?

Followup to: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/25846089


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Sketch Club Awards by M's Butterflies


I wanna thank you all for yet another great year of your outstanding love and support, and to all my new fans I've gained! You're all the reason why I'm still here and remainin' to choose...to swim through all of your artistic insanity as much as I can. Thank you with all my black and rotten heart for nominating me this year!

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