My first ever animal,please be kind:) he's a little off I know. I referenced several kittes so I knew what the fur was like and created my own kitty.

Wow didn't expect that and it always happens when I'm asleep and I'm I'm always smiling all groggy, a huge thanks to the mysterious gloperator!!

Ps I realize I hit the mirror button just before upload so my signature is backwards, oh well

Thank you tingting, thanks goatfish, baily336

Thank you toriF!!!
Thank you T.!!!

As well as bunnyart:), pod,
, mea, cat and prem S!!, sloves as well!
You guys are so good to me!

Thanks omgshellyomg!!!

Thanks also sarah Taylor:), thanks also Marcia wegmann!, thank you Andyyy!!, thanks spinnpixel!!

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