This sketch started out with sumo and I wanting to do a creepy Christmas coop. It took on new meaning for me midstream. While the holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, for some, seeing all the people and things they have lost, cannot have or do not feel makes the season extra sad or difficult. I'm dedicating this to all who want to feel the magic of the holidays, but cannot for whatever reason.

(I wish I had more time! 😣)

Finished for sumo, with love. 😊🙏😊 Yay for co-ops!
Thank you for doing this coop with me! I hope you like what I did to your awesome wip. Working on her with you has been the highlight of my week.

Wow! 😳 I'm quite overwhelmed by all the love. Thank you so much for all the precious hearts, likes and kind comments. And an extra special thanks to Sebastian. Sumo and I are extremely touched for the feature, my friend. 😘

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