This is my entry into the Hidden Objects Competition! Please find the items below!

1 x sexy ghost
1 x titanic reenactment
1 x hot dog
1 x ufo
1 x ant raft
1 x witch
1 x fly flying a plane
1 x golf course
1 x rat pooing in snorkel
1 x bungee jumper
1 x wanted poster
1 x wanted dog
1 x busker
1 x crocodile family
1 x man in pot hole
1 x milk
6 x monkeys
7 x tribesman
7 x alien
8 x fly (fly flying plane not included)
2 x hippo
2 x octopus
6 x bee
4 x spider (note : the guy holding the boat is being attacked by leeches, not spiders.)
5 x shark
1 x archer
1 x dinosaur
6 x lizards (they are all different colours)
2 x dart
3 x snake

There are more, but they might be confusing due to their size! Thanks!

And a huge thanks to PK, Prem S, Shellebelle, Mark, ForresGump, HippieChick, Koban, Lafngwatr, Graphic Golfer, powcat, Mals, GailšŸŽ©SU, Tily, iap123, finalli and Pamela&AlexisToo!!! For the heart! Thank you so much!

Thank you so very much to Mark for the feature!!!

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