Thank you so big for my first feature, Songfeather !! I am so happy!

Thank you, GothDaddy, for amazing class and this wonderful compo! Drawing this style is so fun! And my feed is full of color, thanks to this compo!

Thank you so much KryssyRow86 , Chazer , Pastor Bob , Noel , Graphic Golfer , Lemondee , Songfeather , яαуℓαиα🌹 , Joanna , Zen😱 , Wendy and Peppson for the hearts!

1st place!! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you all so much for your votes and kind words!

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47,499 glops
Created with an iPhone 4S
Uploaded 2014-02-18 14:20:11.753590
Featured by Songfeather
1st place in Pop Art

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