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The concept of this sketch is mine, the slogan
"Keep on Truckin'" is a one-page comic by Robert Crumb. It was published in the first issue of Zap Comix in 1968.
I am speechless!! Of ALL the wonderful comments!
First let me say this, THANK YOU! I am truly honored by such talented people!
ᎶᎾᏆhᎠᎪᎠᎠᎽ, what can I say, BEST class I have ever taken in SC. You should do them ALL! ❤️
The hearts... I cried! 😱😭😊
Thank you,
❤️ Bailey336 for the special heart!
❤️Joanna for the Beautiful heart! I love your soul!!
❤️Autismom for the awesome heart!
❤️ PK for the ever so Groovy heart!
❤️TinaZend for the fabulous heart!
❤️ PharmGirl for the "cool man" heart!
❤️ app.sketchclub.com/user/31184935 for the fantastic heart!

⭐️ WHAT AN EXCITING DAY! ! My first time placing in a Compo! THANK YOU, everyone for the wonderful comments, love and support and for the vote! 🙏😊

⭐️⭐️THANK YOU, blackpawn for such an awesome concept for this community, love of art, encouragement, acceptance and paying it forward! I am honored to be part of such Beauty! 👏👏👏😊

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Uploaded 2014-02-19 17:11:40.000720
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