I'm not sure where this concept was hiding in my head. Maybe it's art imitating life! Or just art therapy!
I tried to play on the word "lies" for the Cornea Compo.
Please zoom!
Thank you,
❤️ PK for the HUGH encouraging heart!
❤️Bailey336 for the generous heart! You are a beautiful friend!
❤️JoyGee for the most precious heart!
❤️Fran500 for the awesome heart!
❤️Manpies for the L❤️L heart!
❤️Pacomeco for the Beautiful heart!
❤️Wendy for the generous heart!
❤️ D. Fox for the amazing heart!
InFiNiTy InK thank you! 🌟

Talk about timing, I was trying to pick one of my sketches for the "unfeatured" Compo and this came up on my iPhone!
I was so excited I was doing the happy banana dance and yelling through the house and texting my MOM!!
Thank you special Gloperator for the Feature ⭐️!
This must be what it feels like to win a Grammy or Oscar! 😱😊😊❤️

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