Thank you for the privledge of receiving your special heart. 💗💗 Ruscifi💕, Vebester to the Max💕, Dr. G💕, Tily💕, TinaZend💕, MaggyC💕, Willie 8ch💕, Ailsa C Ek💕, Pamela&Alexis too💕, LizG💕, pacomeco💕, Peppson 💕, Pam💕, Bidonga💕 Hawaiian Misty (Pam 💕 Twinee1

Much appreciation and thanks to the glopenator💐 for the honor of receiving a feature. I'm thrilled! 😃💓💓

Thankful for everyone and all the kind comments. Luv all the sketchers here on SC!

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Created with an iPad 3
Uploaded 2014-04-02 21:37:36.059440
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Tagged landscape, ipad
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Challenge: Color!

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