“A fish in a bowl thinks to know it all, for it has never seen the ocean.” - Daniel Andersson

I started this sketch about 4 months ago and finally it's finised! Unfortunately I wasn't able to sketch a lot because of studying and my work the last months. I really missed the great community and all the beautiful artwork!

I used a canvas of 3000x3000 which made it possible to add more detail to the sketch Please Zoom! Can you find:
-The pirate ship
-The speedboat with the banana
-The happy couple
-And last, but not least.. the brand new Sketch Beach Club
The skyline of city is based on the skyline of Singapore. For this sketch I used serveral refs. The concept can be found on serveral websites for example the one PK posted in the comments below: http://www.yourswallpaper.com/wallpaper/art/wallpaper-city-in-fishbowl-90649.htm

Please check out the video of the whole process Sorry the video was not working! I fixed it

Thanks for taking a look!

Thank you all soooo much for all the wonderful comments, can't express how much it all means to me!! Thanks!! A very very special thanks to: Julie, Joanna, Axe🐸, PHumada, Mark, Zani, Egya, Buffy, MINTS, Queenmom717, 🇲🇽 Squarepoint, Tily, ShellyBelly, Bjon2, 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸, HippieChick✌️, Bettina Royale, Bailey336, Sheridan Cain, Krisse vans, TiJi, Lizics, MaggyC, Paco, InFiNiTy InK, Jules, Rick, Orville, ʟʊʗkʏ ʟıs∆💀, Lucs , Angie, Noel, D. Fox, LED, Theo Ybema, Manpies, Jjodiefay, Linda S, Palaita, Henriët, Aurora, Zheks, Jennifer💞, BrokenChinaDoll, TinaZend, Michael, Kahlow, Dr. G, MisoKnotty, CallunaKeep, Linda Jones, P&AToo™, SLove, Alysathena, Dee K, DavJam67, Lemondee, 🌺Tori , Redrum_CBB, Seth, WillieH, MarvalouzArtist, Red Willow, .reZL.sCK., Coco, CarlosSan, CoolChillums, Letter 19, Anon , Fran D, Sandrine , 👼🏻ngel NZ, SKYW4KR, Ihmyours, Yad Le Bleu, DREW OLIVER, Dbell3d, =DJ=, David B (drawstrawz), ilze, MysteryLdyX, Wendy, PizzaGod🍕, Tabitha Raincloud, Liz G, Bogie2005, Mongo, T‍anshiArt, LaSweetVie, ¢ιииαмσитσαѕтzσмвιєѕ , Sonia J, OregonHere, M2, app.sketchclub.com/user/31184935, M, Anne Brigaud, 🌜MoonDoc, Pinaa, ML, Zen😱 , Quogue49🌌, CDevereaux, Andyyy, Pia L, Bonnie Pancamo , Laserkees, Lyuf, Eileen Robson, LOLA 🌬, McCoopah, Stevie, Mega_Arts, Carrie D, Marcia Wegmann, Sonia, Lorna Reid, Linda, Abbria, Lesismore Camilla Anon-007 Celestial Diamonds 🌀🔴Schwabby™ Dandelion Brennan Kubica ElTurro ScribbleX Silverflare🌙 bottomofthenight CaV Lovely brynstyn M's Butterflies Celestial Diamonds CAPS wind dancer ScottyWottyDoo Ailsa C. Ek Richard for the wonderful hearts!! I'm really flattered!! Thank you very very much, all the hearts....it's overwhelming <3

PHumada Thank you SOOOO much for the feature!!! You really made my weekend!!! <3

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