Just because I wanted to create this into an actual comic cover. Again my drawing is based on Predator Big a Game #2 by Chris Warner. Thanks again to V for the badass outline ink work. This will be the last time I use this image, I promise... maybe, I don't know.

Image load breakdown:
1 the original pen&ink&watercolor piece I did in 1992.
2 the inked piece I let Viking do over my line art.
3 the Darkhorse Comic Logo I did fir the year of the horse challenge.
1 & 3 are my art, 3 is technically still mine because it's a co-op with another user.

The Predator and The a Terminator are registered trademarks of Darkhorse Comics Inc.

Thank you so much Red Willow for the ⭐️. This is my first user feature. WOOT WOOT!

Thanks for ❤️ing
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