"Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good, you're everything a big bad wolf could want..."

Thank you so much 👹♦Ꮹའ།ก♦👹 for doing this co/op with me! Your amazing talent was exactly what Red here needed for her background.

The reference I used was a photo from a costume outlet. Unfortunately the actual costume is no longer available. (Dang it!)

Red done by me, background and Psychotic Wolf Dude by 👹♦Ꮹའ།ก♦👹!

Fleur Panda Blishwick, thank you so very much for using your precious star to feature this, I am humbled and forever in your debt.

Thank you all so very much for the hearts !!!
👹♦Ꮹའ།ก♦👹 <3
🎨V <3
S2dF© <3
GothDaddy <3
James G_SCC <3
The Artist Hutch <3
🌀2ksgma <3
CDevereaux <3
Lumpybits <3
🎨Ruscifi <3
PK <3
=DJ= <3
KerilynKL <3
Veebster <3
Nova <3
Hpt <3
Johnee Bee <3
Ambrozia <3
Straylight! <3
Pamela&AlexisToo!!! <3
Superman <3
Gero shipper <3
And Fleur Panda Blishwick<3<3<3!!

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