She started as a doodle and I just fell in love. No pose or character ref. All from my noggin. Coloring inspiration from Phil Noto, but with my own spin.

MORE IMPORTANTLY - this is dedicated to my 100th fan OhEm Gee, this one's for you! (Sorry it took so long)

Whoa!! Thank you so much for the feature Original Rico, I'm humbled by your generosity. Totally made my week!!!

I love this community, your kindness and hearts mean the world to me. Thanks ...
<3 PK
<3 blackpawn
<3 SigmaDosDeltaFi
<3 Bagooters
<3 grommen56
<3 Hpt
<3 Chooka Bear
<3 Mark
<3 V
<3 chalcedony
<3 Noel
<3 JamesGSR🎨
<3 Shorty74
<3 OhEm Gee
<3 Ruscifi
<3 TinaDotsonAKAjayzpin
<3 ♦️Tino♦️
<3 Paco
<3 Artemis
<3 Veebster
<3 Chazer (ty!)

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Created with an iPad Mini 2 and Jot Touch stylus
Uploaded 2014-05-18 05:44:17.968890
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