From Game of Thrones - I should have added one of her dragons, but got tired of drawing. Found photo on internet that I used as a reference.

Thank you so much ilze for featuring this drawing - I feel humbled that you sacrificed a star for me. Thank you again so much!

Thank you so very much for the wonderful hearts:
Orville Veebster iap123 Mark Bailey336 Linda Jones SimplySergMX Dr. G Linda S pmaxx69 P&AToo™ LED Ruscifi MaggyC Sheridan Cain MaryK David B (drawstrawz) Bjon2 Marcia Wegmann CarlosSan SSgt Cabose Pam Hkfiend OMGshellyOMG🌀 CDevereaux Paco 👼🏻ngel NZ Manpies ML PHumada Snapdragon Ihmyours ForresGump Matthew Ro-Lang Kaety LOLA 🌬 AMD V Oktober Lovely Louisa Carla RPastor Sparesoul SCK! Vide Wendy BrokenChinaDoll DasEineAustralische Emiliano Alba PhoenixFlying Trebor_1986
D. Fox

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