This is a reproduction of the Gil Elvgren painting by the same name.

This was a great study for me in a number of ways. The way the light hits, and where the shadows form, as well as the artist's choice of cool and warm shadows and bounced light taught me quite a bit about lighting.

I also approached this painting in a more traditional style. Except for the initial sketch (which was rough) and a few transform tweaks, I painted on the same layer. I also used a single hard brush, and did all the blending with layers rather than the soft brush which can come off as too clinical at times. I tried blur at one point for blending but it didn't fit what I was going for. To create the texture on the bed cover, I used noise, and eraser. Also I tried to use minimal undo (though there is still quite a few).

Certainly a very educational experience for me, felt a little like homework, but glad I stuck with it. Hope you like it.

Thank you so much for another feature dear mysterious gloperator!

Thank you for the precious <3's
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