For the Daily Challenge "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" 5/23/14. No ref. Original.

Thank you so much Redrum_CBB for hanging with me on the stream and the great ideas. Huge fan!

Whoa! I was at the beach all day and came back to a surprise feature by a Gloperator, as well as wonderful feedback and words of encouragement! Thank you all so much, i'm truly humbled by the attention.

I'm forever grateful for all the hearts! Thank you ...
<3 Hkfiend
<3 inkyMel
<3 2Ksgma
<3 Redrum_CBB
<3 SigmaDosDeltaFi
<3 Koban
<3 Mark
<3 Ruscifi
<3 P&AToo™
<3 ★robo★

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Created with an iPad Mini 2 and Jot Touch stylus
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