Reproduction of a photo found on Wikimedia Commons by photographer Che. Original photo included as wip and a link to the web page can be found below

Link to web page of photo:

Thank you so much Gloperator! I am sincerely grateful for the feature...WooHoo!

Thank you, Buffalette, Violet Adams, PK, M's Butterflies, Cocosnuz, Lindsay Baker, MysteryLdyX, Mark, Snapdragon, Krisse vans, Henriet, pacomeco, MINTS, MaggyC, Tily, Amber-Stache, SalmonNugget, Bailey336, Kimmers, Pamela&AlexisToo!!, Zombies5200, Jelly_bottoms, OregonHere, TinaZend, Michellerowl, XxJayfeatherxX, Ihmyours, Regcas, Sheshe, AngelNZ, Buttercup, Sheridan Cain, Linda S, ShellyBelly, Manpies, BrokenChinaDoll, Samusa Malaya, AriQuijano, HazzaClarky, Wendy, Bjon2, Dragon
Legacy, SimplySerg, and OMGshellyOMG, for the precious hearts<3

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