Just another girl from my head...Been a long time since I have sketched anything...I am SOOO out of practice!! Miss this place and hope to catch up in everyone's galleries soon!

Thanks so much for the πŸ’— and the ⭐️ Serg! I am blown away by your generosity!!πŸ˜ƒ 😊

Thanks also to PK, PharmGirl, Mark, Ruscifi, Bjon2, Jules, pacomeco, GAIL SU, Buttercup, Wendy, and Krisse vans, Nik (Unihorse), Noel, πŸ‘Όngel NZ , M's, Coco, Koban, and Sumo for your πŸ’—s!!

And thanks everyone for the awesome comments..really appreciate it!!😘

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