Wow, I never expected a feature for this , especially from someone like Darren K so honored. Huge thanks for the hearts and especially the love & support. Not much room here, I'll catch u all personally 😊😊😊

So, I've been doing this drawing thing for the last year and I've seemed to lose my way with what I want and what I thought I was trying to accomplish, thinking I needed to be some sort of amazing artist overnight, comparing myself to others along the way and having nothing to show for it lately but a gallery full of WIP's and head full of frustration. Then I had to remind myself why I started doing this in the first place....FOR FUN...duh. And when I first started doodling on my ipad in the long ago land of Draw Something 2, I found that I had some artistic ability, and the style I found that fed that seed was comic book art. And I had so much fun doing it. So I've decided to do a little study/series on some of the amazing artists that I've come across in the last year and what it is about them that has inspired me, and hopefully, along the way, get some practice, find some motivation to develop my on style, and have some fun. Hopefully some of you will enjoy my reproductions of some of the most amazing pieces from some of the best along with my commentary about what it is about them that I love, but at the very least it will give me something to work for and study while still having fun and feeling some accomplishment, so here it is.

Comic Book Study #1 - Mike Deodato Jr.
The first thing that I found impressive about comic book art is the fantastic line work. I love making these crisp bold lines and I think Mr Deodato has some of the best. I recreated this Elektra pinup which is from Mike's line art (as can be found in his Deviantart gallery) along with my attempt at the color as done by the amazing Cris Delara (also on Deviantart) This was so much fun although I have to say I seriously need to learn a lot about so much still, especially where the coloring is concerned, but all in all, not a bad start. I enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

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