I'm elated that a very very nice gloperator has featured this drawing. This has made my day. Thank you gloperator.

Found the reference picture on the internet called "Pilot by tiare96". Spent too long on details. I think reference was photo manipulation.

Pilot 30 has been a pilot in the Andromeda Campaign for the last 14 years. She has one more mission and then she goes into the unknown. She will go the the planet her DNA was harvested from by the Kirzans. She has fought for this planet and countless others as she was raised to do and has known nothing else. She wants to make a life and find love on this planet the inhabitants call Earth, but is frightened.

Thanks so much for the kind heart: Manpies DC Ð@ηїℯℓ ¢◎η☂ґα℘тї☺ Shirlart Johnee Bee PK Mark HawkLore Sheridan Cain Linda Jones Krisse vans Lamijavin David B (drawstrawz) Paco Eileen Robson Ruscifi PHumada Andy Lee 👼🏻ngel NZ NJ Moore iPads MysteryLdyX Linda S inkyMel Newt JamesGSR🎨 MoniLJS Festive Gloom Jules Bjon2 MaggyC ᎶᎾᏆhᎠᎪᎠᎠᎽ Marcia Wegmann Dr. G Ihmyours Noel Thiggy66 Pantomime P&AToo™

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