This lovely house is situated in a suburb of Paris. It is the home of my granddaughter's foreign exchange student's parents. When my granddaughter stayed there, she took this photo and texted it to me. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to sketch it. The photo was my reference. No grid: the proportions differ slightly as do some of the details. The colors were made more dramatic.

Thank you gloperator for the feature! It made my day!
And a "Thank you for the hearts!" to Jules, HippieChick, Koban, Marcia Wegman and the rest of you whose names I lost off my activity list.
Hey! I found them! (With help from OMGshellyOMG) Thanks also to Manpies, Ambrozia, Mark, LaSweetVie and Pacomeco.
This has been a wonderful pick-me-up.

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