This is reproduced from one of my favorite pictures of my oldest brother, Tom, who turns 64 today. He has guided some of the most amazing rivers in the world, especially in Labrador, Baffin Island, the Yukon, and Maine. He helps keep the old method of poling down rapids alive by passing it on to younger guides.
Happy 64th Tom!

Thank you all SO much for the kind words. Thanks, too, for the ❤️S OMGShelley and Pam & Alexis! This drawing is really special for me because Tom nearly died when he was 60. The 4 years since have been extra sweet!
More thanks.....Reggie, kindest friend, for the ❤️, and many others who saw the love I put into this sketch and took time to comment. Thanks Gr82no for the gift of a ❤️ .Thanks you all. I am so fortunate to have my SketchClub family and to have my brother still here!

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