but... I Have the Best Fans!

Daily August 02, 2014

I encourage everyone to zoom. All my fans have their own ❤️, and my top 10 supporters (which include comments, hearts, and SC Lessons) have ⭐️s as well. I appreciate everyone for the continued support and putting up with my constant whining and self-deprecation. Thank you all from the bottom of my sketch bag!

This still took me way too long to complete. Because I wanted this to be extra special I hand wrote everyone's names.

Thanks for the ❤️ V , Julie , Ambrozia
FleurPanda Blishwick , HippieChick✌️ , Lumpybits
Red Willow , Purrsnickety , Manpies , Paco , Dave H🍁 ,
👼🏻ngel NZ

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