Wow, thank you so much Moore iPads for the feature! I'm humbled by your kindness.

Well it was a very long journey. This started as a b&w, summer morning, peaceful pose (co-op original from Dr. Toszi compo of poses), and now she's Celestia - and interstellar temptress. It's all I got folks, just makin' it up as I go.

Pls ZOOM! (I love her freckles)

Thanks to everyone that kept me company on my streams. It actually keeps me focused if I stream, rather than taking tons of breaks.

FYI, I had to reinstall the app and it cleared the previous times on the stats, so my guess is that this took around 15 hours (almost twice as long as any other painting I've ever done). Wish me luck in the compo!

Whoa, thank you all so much for your hard earned <3s!
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Created with an iPad Mini 2 and Jot Touch stylus
Uploaded 2014-08-10 16:12:19.104630
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1st place in Dr Toszi Co-op

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