Done in a style similar to one of my favorite artists, Moebius, this is a reflection of my feelings about the state of a lot of current relationships here these days... indeed, here's hoping! to everyone...

i featured this myself, and while i realize that isn't looked upon too kindly to do such a thing, i did it not to promote myself, nor because i think it's outstanding work, but i did it to promote healing within the community, so this sketch doesn't just end up passing into the little sea of uploads... DON'T leave me hearts! DON'T it! DON'T praise it! and for heaven's sake DON'T congratulate me on being featured!! lol! just think about it and what i'm trying to say... that's all...

the friction that exists within this community is completely unnecessary and if you search your heart you will KNOW that's true!

it's time to let go of let go of stop the squabbling over essentially nothing that catastrophic, to shatter artificial boundaries between existing groups, to say "i'm sorry"........

to say "in lak'ech!"


thank you for the hearts, my friends! please spam this sketch a bit if you're so inclined to share the message!


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Created with an iPad 2
Uploaded 2014-08-12 22:58:35.660180

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