My first Mazda, the RX2. I bought it for $300, from a guy who wanted it out of his back yard. An amazing car, looked kinda like a Datsun B210, but could burn rubber in three gears, and beat almost any thing on the road at the time. Had a 4 barrel carb that was almost as big as the rotary engine, which was quite small. Got poor gas mileage, like a big V8, which is what it performed like. When I floored it, I swore I could see the gas gauge needle moving down! Helluva lot of fun!
My RX2 was an orange 2door. I hated the colour so I painted it white with spray bombs. It came out kind of blotchy, so I called it The Snow Leopard. I managed to kill it after several years, the seals on the rotors gave out, and coolant was getting into the combustion chamber. Actually, it was probably just a repair job, but it would have cost a couple of thousand dollars that I didn't have. I sold it to a wrecker for 200.

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