My Love,
As the days grow cooler I find myself outdoors more often than before. It's good to walk Wayne and get some sunshine while it's still here for the getting. It was a good idea you had to get me Wayne. He is a wonderful protector and he makes me feel a little safer while you are away.
This weather makes me long for your warm arms to be around me but I know that your duty to our country and your honor make that impossible for now. Remember always that I hold you in my heart with the greatest respect for your courage and hold all my love only for you, my Dear.
As always, I await your return to me. Stay safe.
Always in my heart and in my prayers, Your Rose

I used a photo found on Google for the Doggie and the dress. I made up her face. Her right hand gave me issues!

💫❤️💫WOW! I was so busy at work today I didn't even log onto SC till after lunch only to find that my drawing had been featured! I am so very honored! Thank you so very much to Sketch Club for the feature! 💫❤️💫

S2dF, Thank You so much for giving this draw a ❤️
Pamela&AlexisToo, you rock for giving this sketch a ❤️
Artboy, your Awesome for giving my sketch a ❤️
Paco, I am honored to receive a ❤️ from you!
Reggie, your the BEST and Thank You for the ❤️
Ihmyours, my deepest gratitude for a ❤️
Tori, I am eternally grateful for your ❤️
Dr. Cupcake, your sweetness abounds for your ❤️
Manpies, many thanks to you for one of your ❤️'S!
Twinee1 ❤️❤️❤️

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