This is what SC is all about. A Zoom is a Must. This Tribute is for the Glopping Artists and my Fans at Sketch Club....Yes, every Fan is here and every Artist who has hearted me is in here. ( If I missed you let me know ! I will do one just for you if I did ! )

There is no preference in size of the names, purely artistic in the flow of the drawing !!!!

Check out the jacket pocket too !!!! You can see our fearless leader blackpawn

I had the idea of this sketch for awhile and when I saw Carrie124 Sketch Wars and 💝Babydoll GameBoard tribute the idea bloomed.

I did feature a number of artists for various reasons Bailey336
was first to Fan me.
💝Babydoll was first to give me a heart, and dear sweet Jules and OMGshellyOMG🌀 and Paco too.
Paco has given me so many hearts !!!
Jules sent me a download of her sketch when I commented it would look cool with a Moon in it, I added it. I had no clue at that point about Layers and such.
Many artists inspired me with Zentanglez.
🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸 featured my Zen Girl sketch ! My first feature was a secret Gloperater !!
The Necklace feature three artists who I stalk their drawings, Carrie124 and Carrie D and MaggyC always zooming in and checking out stats ..trying to figure out HOW did they do that ?
In fact this is my first drawing that I did not use outlines for the face and figure. Thanks to Carrie D drawing video's.
Lαnα inspired to try her great Cubism style.

I borrowed 💝Babydoll idea of the Daily Boost ( thanks honey ! ) and so many of you make such lovely comment on my drawings in this drawing Tim S. is highlighted due to his wonderful comments on each drawing I share.

I appreciate every artist here !!!!! all awesome !
I should of made it downloadable so if anyone wants to, send me a message !

Thank you for the ❤️ ...I love them all !! ❤️😘😘😘
I am so happy you love it !!!
Listening 🍀
Krisse vans
Tim S.
👼🏻ngel NZ
Fran D
Coco thank you 😘😘
💝Babydoll glad you love 💞
Jennifer💞 a special thank you for the sweet ❤️

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