My entry for the compo.

Here I am, stuck in the grid unable to escape. I'll probably be derezzed during the Disc games. Someone get to Zeus and get me a lifeline so I can the pixels out of here.

Oh WOW, was hanging out in a stream and popped out to glop and saw this. thanks Sketchbot!

Thanks for the ❤️s ᎶᎾᏆhᎠᎪᎠᎠᎽ , ThisWorld , Paco
Sarah Taylor , Mark , Red Willow , 🌹SilverGarnet🌹
Snapdragon , CDevereaux , Ihmyours , Koban , Johnee Bee
FleurPanda Blishwick , WillieH , P&AToo™
Kelly M , ☠Killjoy Bettie☠ , BrokenChinaDoll

👍 6/77

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Created with an iPad 2
Uploaded 2014-09-28 01:31:35.124760
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