This co-op was created because Brenda has weathered some pretty tough storms the last few months and we wanted to show her how much she means to us! The artists are: Linda S, Marcia Wegmann, 👼🏻ngel NZ , Ihmyours and me.

Please ZOOM or you will miss all the tiny details!

So I started with the request that it be light, airy, fantasy and most of all HAPPY! At the last minute I remembered how much Brenda loves puppies, kittens and babies and the artists so graciously accommodated me.

Linda started us out with the beautiful mountain and sky backdrop. I added some fantasy colors to the sky and a little filter. I also drew the Cherry tree. Next Marcia drew the wonderful cliff and magical flower mound under the tree. Angel drew the beautiful waterfalls, river, little tree stands in the background, the flowery hill and the beautiful white blossoms on my tree. Pamela then took the wheel drawing the fabulous fairy, puppy, kitten and the two butterflies. Then at my last minute request Linda added her fabulous tiny castle, the beautiful cherub and the rainbow!

So Brenda please know how much you are loved, thought of and how much we enjoy your beautiful baby, kitten and puppy drawings! I know there are many other artists who love and care about you here on SC too!!!

Please know that no one was intentionally excluded. Initially I wanted to make this a much larger group. But with my limited time on SC Brenda might not see this for two more months!

Please visit Brenda Bjon2 and check out her AMAZING gallery; her baby portrait skills are crazy good and just one of her specialties! I fall in love with each tiny face including the furry ones she draws!

For all of your precious <3 hearts for Brenda we thank you!

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