For the Daily October 14, 2014 but I missed the posting date.

Here is my finished piece. I hope everyone is having fun with the line art I posted.

For those of you who grabbed the line art, post your finished pieces in here if you want. Or you can post in the line art group, or the zentangle group.

Side note; when I originally did this design it was an etching on a piece of plexiglass used to make ink block prints. The carving took me about a week and a half, I think, with a diamond tipped metal scribe. I only printed this image maybe a half a dozen times because it didn't seem to come out the way I wanted it to.

Thank you for the ♥️ wind dancer , Manon , ᎶᎾᏆhᎠᎪᎠᎠᎽ
Xiaohongple , ʟʊʗkʏ ʟıs∆💀 , Ihmyours , ShellyBelly
Robert Rendón , Dr.Cupcake💕 , LOLA 🌬 , Artist101 , mishpot

Line art http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10239630

Woot woot, hanging out is a stream and I get notifications left and right. Thanks for the feature Scratchy! Thank you to everyone for the continued support.

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