Whew~ I think I might have almost had a nervous breakdown doing this ... After the last WIP ~ the app made my version sitting in my canvas go poof ~ the touch sensitivity was wacky all through the last draw period~ drawing was jumping all over my iPad screen!!! I haven't even upgraded to iOS 8 ... So, no idea what caused this~ reverted to previous WIP saved spot - then finished... All on one layer!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! ....and only 9 erase strokes-so proud!!! lol) ....

Reference was a local farm in San Antonio (wait~ they call them ranches here!!! LOL)

Hope I didn't mess it up in my frustration~😳

Comments Welcome! ZOOM to see tires hidden in shadows etc~

FEATURED?!!!! Thank you Krisse vans !!! I don't know what to say to truly express my humble appreciation!!! What a true honor!!! Please check out Krisse vans 's art ~ she's an amazing artist!!! ☺️💖💖💖 So happy that everyone really is enjoying this!!! Thank you for each and every heart <3 and comment!!! You all ROCK!!!! 💖💠💖💠💖

Thanks ever so much ML for the Wonderful <3!!!!
Thank you AMAZING 👼🏻ngel NZ <3
Thank you talented CAPS <3
Thank you supportive Bailey336 <3
Thank you fabulous Manpies <3
Thank you dearest Kay K <3
Thank you spectacular ᎶᎾᏆhᎠᎪᎠᎠᎽ <3
Thank you to the wonderful Orville <3
Thank you SLove <3
Thank you Sarah Taylor <3
Thank you Sheridan Cain <3
Thank you WillieH <3
Thank you Jjodiefay <3
Thank you Krisse vans <3⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you Dr.Cupcake💕 <3
Thank you Linda Jones <3
Thank you Twinee1 <3
Thank you Marcia Wegmann <3
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Thank you Dr. G <3
Thank you Paco <3
Thank you Ihmyours <3
Thank you Whispering Dove <3
Thank you Stayze <3
Thank you POD <3
Thank you to Axe🐸 ... For the <3 gift when I had posted my first WIP on this!!!!

Sorry for the delay~ but the thank you is truly heartfelt~ just been busy getting packed up to move~ 💖💖💖
աíղժ ժɑղϲҽɾ

What amazing and wonderful comments~ this was a personal challenge~ 1-layer and a vehicle ~ haven't done cars in ages...I have a bunch of photos from an "antique" auto show that I'm thinking I'll feel brave enough to try now!!! Thank you everyone!!!💠💖💠💖💠💖💠💖💠

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