Ty was laying on the ground and I hoped he was ok the elf that tied me up was now looking threw my bag. "That's not yours!!" I yelled and the elf turned and looked at me, he stood up and stood I front of me and ask " and what are toy going to do about it!?"

My red crystal hanging around my neck started to glow and I knew what I had to do. I closed my eyes and concentrated, the rope that was hold me started to grow crystals on it and it snapped and I got up and said " you don't want to mess with me"

( from Ty's view)=20
I looked up from laying down and saw that Dakota was standing her ground ageist the elf that looked shocked. Then the elf lunged at her but got flung into the air as a huge red crystal appeared under him and launched him into the air. My jaw dropped she made crystals with her mind.... Then a new elf appeared In front of me and put a knife to my neck and said " use any more magic and the boy gets it !!!!"

Dakota stepped back and said " you hurt him I can kill all of you with one move!!" The knife got closer to my neck , " drop the knife and I won't hurt you or your friends!!" But as she spoke a elf was sneaking up behind her " behind you Dakota !!!!" I yelled. She spun around and a wall of crystals was formed around the elf and the elf holding the knife dropped it and ran off leaving me in shock. The elf drawn off into the forest and Dakota and me where alone the driver ran off.

" you.....you grow crystals!?!??" I said as Dakota turned to look at me, " yes it's a gift I was born with but now we need to get out of here come on" she said.

We found a clearing in the trees where no elves would find us and I was making a fire while Dakota set up some blankets she found in the cart to sleep in. " so how did you get theses powers?" I asked=20

" I really am not royal my real parents are miners so they where exposed to a lot of crystals and my mom when she had me I had my pastel rainbow hair and the powers, this crystal is what makes it so I can form huge crystals, when the king and queen heard if a baby girl with rainbow hair and powers they wanted to adopt me, my parents did not want to but the king and queen payed them good money and I was taken now they call me a princess and all that and it am being forced to marry so I decided to run away and I course You to come with me" she said while fiddling with her crystal neckless.

"Well I am honored to join you trip I never liked the castle anyway!" I said as I got into the blanket. " thanks for being willing to come and goodnight" she said as she then closed her eyes and fell asleep.=20
I layer on my side looking at her wondering if she liked me because I liked her...

(To be continued!!!)

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