“Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.” - Salvador Dali

This portrait I started last year and it was featured in the last edition of the Zine. I wasn't happy with it at the time, but I had to deal with the deadline. Since that moment, everytime I watched this portrait I saw improvements. Sometimes it was driving me crazy. At one point I realized there would always be improvements to make and the quote on top of this description makes that clear. It's a quote of a great artist whom I admire since a long time and especially since I've been in his museum in Figueres. His message is clear and very true, hope to keep it in mind next time I'll try to finish a sketch

Unfortunately it has been a while since I've uploaded a sketch. My study takes a lot of enery and a lot of my spare time :( Missed Sketch Club community and all the beautiful sketches a lot!! Hope to save some more time in the next period

I've made a video of the first part of the sketch as well, hope you'll like the sketch and the video Spend a lot of time on the details, please zoom The orginal referance is from Valua Vitaly.

Thanks a lot for taking a look and the lovely comments!! Special thanks to: Paco Kelly M Shirlart Bailey336 🌀Purple MaggyC Palaita M's Butterflies Manpies Marcia Wegmann Dinie Bosveld- CAPS Artista Twinee1 Excaliburleo Linda S Ihmyours Mark Zani Andyyy SigmaDosDeltaFi Sheridan Cain Manon Tily Coolhand Lucien Belun EllieF DanitaCreate Anonymous Gr82no The Batman Pinaa Buttercup .reZL.sCK. Kaylinn CDevereaux 🌺Tori Larry Duke LOLA 🌬 $T€V€$CK Coco Lyuf Cleocatnap LED PHumada Glambert Chìck Josh wind dancer T‍anshiArt Laserkees Lorna Reid woofdoc31 Jennifer💞 Alysathena ShellyBelly Bogie2005 Joanna Wazza PaperweightPhantasm P&AToo™ JLeos69 BrokenChinaDoll Flower cat DavJam67 Sherrinford Holmes Shiny for the hearts! Means a lot to me

👼🏻ngel NZ thank you very very much for the feature!! I really appreciate it!! Thanks a lot!!! <3

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