My hubs found this ref pic... Sorry I have no info for it. But I tried to answer questions that I'm getting in message on how I do the things the way I do lol. Hope I answered some

Wow!! Thank you Orville for your feature 🌟!! Extremely appreciated!

Thank you so much for your kind ❤️! Linda S, CDevereaux SigmaDosDeltaFi mishpot Mark Shirlart iap123 Orville LJWBM Manon Dinie Bosveld- Rusty 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸 Jjodiefay ML Twinee1 Julie TanshiArt MichelleRowl MaggyC 🇲🇽 Squarepoint LindaLeeL NJ Fran500 Andyyy Koban FleurPanda Blishwick ShellyBelly Reggie Madd Lorna Reid Jeniart PHumada Paco Fran D Coen Eileen Robson, Carrie124 LOLA 🌬 🌺Tori LaSweetVie Ambrozia P&AToo™ 👼🏻ngel NZ Tily Sonia J

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