Thank you Texas Nature Photos for the inspiration of this sketch. White Rock Lake, Dallas Texas
⭐️Thank You so much Sketch Club for a Feature on New Years Day!!! What a wonderful way to begin my 2nd year here at Sketch Club!! I am Thrilled!!!🌹

Sheila Thank you so much Sheila for your Special and Splendid Precious Heart for this sketch. I am happy you like this and you honor it with this special heart!!🌹

Ihmyours Thank You so much Pamela for honoring my sketch with your Thoughtful and Sweet Precious Heart!! This is the perfect way to start the New Year!!🌹

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Linda S Thank you very much Linda for this Lovely and Luscious Precious Heart for my featured sketch. It is so sweet of you and I love it.🌹

Sheridan Cain Thank You Sincerely Sheridan for your Sparkling and Sweet Precious Heart that honors my first feature of 2015! I really appreciate your sweet comment and your continued support and friendship!!🌹

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Gaile HughesπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Thank You So very much Gaile for your Gorgeous and Glorious Precious Heart for my featured sketch. I am so happy you liked this sketch! I appreciate your friendship and support!!!🌹

Ruscifi Thank You so much Ruscifi for your Kind and Amazing Precious Heart! You were one of the first artists I viewed on my first day on Sketch Club and I was so impressed by your art, now we have come full circle one year later and you have given my sketch a Heart, I am so honored!!!🌹

Paco Muchas Gracías a Mi Amigo por su Coraźon Precioso. ‘Estoy muy honorsdo por su regalo!🌹

⚜SONIA⚜ Thank You so much Sonia for your Sweetest and Most Beautiful Precious Heart for this sketch you are so supportive and sweet my friend and I treasure your gift!!!🌹

Twinee1 Thank You Dearest Leslie for your beautiful gift! You are always such a big support and you are appreciated beyond measure! 🌹

Thank You So Very Much Everyone for all of your wonderful remarks for my sketch. I have never had a sketch go from just a sketch , to a featured sketch to #2 on my best sketches in such a short time!! I want you all to know how much I appreciate your kind remarks and your support!! I love the people here in Sketch Club!!!!

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