Unknown referenced photographer The original photo was more of a pink rose, needless to say I made changes. I remembered a beautiful Chicago Peace Rose at my in laws home and I chose colors from memory.

ThankYou So Much Sketch Club for featuring my Chicago Peace Rose!! What a Happy a surprise to wake up to!!🌹

πŸŽ πŸ—½Icy🎨🎸 Thank You so much Aixa for your Gorgeous Precious Heart!! I'm so happy you like my first attempt at roses!!🌹

Snick ThankYou so much Snick for your Amazing Precious Heart that honors my sketch!! Thank you for fanning me too!!!🌹

Sheridan Cain Thank You so much Sheridan for your Glorious Precious Heart that honors this sketch. It was so sweet of you and I really appreciate it very much!!!🌹

Ihmyours Thank You so much Pamela for your Stunning Precious Heart that honors my sketch!! Your support is always so appreciated, it gives me incentive to stretch the limits of my comfort zone!!🌹

Twinee1 Thank You so much, Leslie for your Beautiful Precious Heart for my Chicago Peace Roses. You are so thoughtful and I love your sweet heart!!🌹

wind dancer Thank you so much for honoring my Roses with your Lovely Precious Heart !!! I am so happy you like this sketch and considered it heart worthy!!! 🌹

Paco Muchas Gracías mi Amigo, Paco para su Corazón Precioso para mi Rose Sketch. Lo agradezco mucho!!🌹

Shirlart Thank you so much Shirley, for your Sweet Precious Heart for my Roses! I really appreciate your heart and your support and encouragement!!🌹

Linda S Thank You so much Linda for your Luscious Precious Heart and your amazing comment for this sketch. You are such a kind and supportive friend!!🌹

Jules Thank You so much Jules, for your Exquisite Precious Heart that honors my Roses. I am so happy you like my sketch!!🌹

Dinie Bosveld- Thank You so much Dinie for your Magical Precious Heart that honors my Roses. I am pleased you like my sketch and shared your lovely with me!!!🌹

Andyyy Thank You so much Andyy for your Marvelous Precious Heart for my Roses Sketch. I am so pleased and feel so honored by all the response I've received. Thank you so much!!!!🌹

Hevlie Thank You So Much Hevlie for your Lovely and Stunning Precious Heart for my Chicago Peace Rose. I appreciate your lovely compliment and your support!!!🌹

Celestial Diamonds. Thank you very much for your lovely gift of a Precious Heart for my Chicago Peace Rose. I am so happy you like this sketch! Thank you for your gift!!!🌹

Thank you for your beautiful gift!!🌹

Thanks Sis for your big red squishy , I'm happy you love my rose!!!🌹

Late Bloomer
Thank you for your beautiful , it's never too late to give a or too late to love and appreciate it!!!🌹


A Big Thank You for all the Wonderful Comments, Thumbs Up and Beautiful 's for my first attempt at a rose, you are all so kind!!! Wow, just Wow!!! I'm speechless!! This sketch went from a just a sketch in my gallery yesterday to my all time #2 Best sketch today!! Thanks to everyone that took the time to make this happen!!! I am very humbled!


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