Words read:
"I love you more than all of my Nirvana albums"
That's some serious stuff....
I would die if someone said that to me...

Hope you guys like it! I usually hate Valentines Day, I thought some mushy J+G art would get me in the spirit<3

Did you notice? I made this all on SC (well, besides the background). Yay!!
iPhone artists unite!!

Thank you soo super much Manon for your gorgeous <3
Thanks soo very much Koban for your amazing <3
A multicoloured thanks gloss for your hard earned <3
Thanks so flipping much spiiritedaway for your dazzling <3
Huge thanks to Twinee1 for your sparkling <3
Thank you so very much M's Butterflies for your unexpected <3
Muchos gracias Batman for your charming <3
Thank you so very much P&AToo™ for your sweet <3

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