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Thank you so much, Gr82no, Pamela&Alexis Too, ShirlArt and Jennifer 💞 for the hearts! Undeserved but much appreciated!
Thank you, PACO, for the heart!
Thank you, MaggieC and Catmeowfish for the hearts!!

Oh wow! I'm astonished, surprised, wonderfully thrilled and so grateful for this drawing being featured! (my Oscar speech!) Thanks to whomever made this possible!

Thank you for the hearts Twinee1 and Orville, Koban, Bailey336, 👼ngel NZ, Ihmyours, Buttercup, wind dancer, and swissbird! I appreciate it so much!

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20,109 glops
Created with an iPad Air 2
Uploaded 2015-02-16 20:01:36.657840
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