Many, many years ago, my brother and I skated for hours on ice covered ponds. Grass wasn't too bad on the skates, rocks weren't that great! We would play 'til all hours. Moonlight was great because we could stay even longer.
I still enjoy skating and playing ice hockey. It thrilled me to no end when my grandsons found similar feelings on the ice.
I'm so glad Marcia Wegmann's introduced me to the style of Pol Ledent.

Anyways I drew this with all the above in mind. My wife took a picture of me with my younger grandson a couple of years ago at an indoor rink. He no longer needs my help.


ps He always wears a helmet when skating, a little artistic license.

Thank you, Violet Adams ,for the feature. Your support is truly appreciated.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and words, and to those who generously gave the sketch 👍s and❤️s.
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