i went walking in the woods with my dog today and found a Mexican Plum tree in bloom. Took the photo with my iPhone 4S, with the Schneider Macro lens attached.

Fruit trees are blooming. We had spring like weather a few weeks ago. We had a light freeze yesterday and another one expected later this week. Weather is so up and down in Central Texas. It confuses the flora terribly. By Tuesday next week, it's supposed to be 75 degrees (Fahrenheit obviously).

Thanx Sketch Club for the feature! Here it is two years later, and those woods I walked in have been bulldozed, and now a big apartment complex sits on the land. The deer, the birds, the bunnies have had to find somewhere else, if they can. Alas. The Mexican Plum tree was bulldozed, along with everything else, and they planted little spindly trees along the perimeter of the buildings. And some flower beds.

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