This have been a great experience that started for the Challenge 10 in The Vector Group.
I clicked on brush by accident but I didn't realise because of I thought I was using the smudge tools.
I understand that this sketch could be disqualified in the challenge, the rules are the rules. Anyway I've much fun and hope you like it.

THANK YOU Vector Art Group for the feature! 🙏😃

Thank you very much precious hearts to Songfeather , Corky3240, Paco, Fran D, TinaDotsonAKAjayzpin, Gail⚡️su., ElDimo, Ihmyours, Jules, Twinee1, ebflute, Joy, Ruscifi

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93,084 glops
Created with an iPad
Uploaded 2015-02-27 21:56:53.946980
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