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OH WOW, Jules! I'm so Over the moon! I enjoyed doing this one, and was actually proud of it! I was trying to loosen my strokes, and I think I accomplished that here. Thank you so very much, Jules!!! ♥️⭐️
Thank you everyone for the sweet comments, and a special thanks to
Jules. Songfeather . Twinee1 Linda S Lαnα
Fran D Marcia Wegmann OregonHere Andyyy Joy Orville 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸 👼🏻ngel NZ Sheridan Cain Paco Dr.Cupcake💕 Bailey336
For the wonderful hearts!

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Created with an iPad Mini
Uploaded 2015-02-27 22:34:25.898440
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Tagged still-life, ipad

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