Based very loosely on a Leonid Afremov painting but with many changes! The new Procedural Bristle Brush was used in this work!

Thank You, Thank You Sketch Club for featuring this sketch!!! You definitely made my week!!!! Always so humbled to be featured.🌹


Jennifer💞. Thank you so much Jennifer for your Gorgeous Heart!! I'm so happy you like this sketch!!!💕Big Hugs💕 🌹

Paco. ¡Muchas Gracías a mi Amigo para su Corazón Precioso para mi Boceto!!!🌹

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Harobed7. Thank you so much Debbie for your Purrrfect Heart you gifted my sketch. I should have thought to put Button on the front porch!! This is our "Dream" home we will be purchasing as soon as we win the next big Power Ball, or when I hit it big at the Casino!! Everyone can dream!!!🌹

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I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my gallery to look at this sketch! I put a lot of time and effort into this sketch and I am so grateful for all your amazing comments, Thumbs Up and Precious Hearts! I always take the time to read each and every comment and I enjoy and appreciate them all!!!

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