Please join the ArchID group and participate in the new ArchID group challenge, Window Design. Draw any window design; interior and exterior views are both acceptable.
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-One entry per Artist
-Has to be a new sketch for this challenge
-From imagination or mixed references
-A feature and a star for the winning entry

Please post your entries in the following thread:

Challenge ends March 22nd, 1 pm

Pinterest reference provided for this drawing by the ArchID group. Thank you, Maggy and Koban, for the opportunity to draw this for the ArchID challenge!

Thank you so much for the hearts, Ihmyours and MaggyC!
Thank you, dear artists, for the hearts! Gr82no, Linda S, and Koban!
Thank you, Twinee1, for the heart!!
Thank you so much for the heart, Jules!

Thank you, ArchID, for honoring me with the feature! It is so kind of you and I truly appreciate it!

It's a sweet treat to receive so many nice comments on this draw. When I start a drawing, I never know how it will turn out, but I was actually pleased with this one. Your compliments make my day!

Special thanks to all who have gifted me with hearts including Gaile Hughes, Manpies, Tori, Buttercup and Marcia Wegmann. Each and every heart makes me smile from ear to ear!

Thank you Reggie and PACO for the hearts!! I'm honored.
Thank you so much, BillyElla, for the heart!! Appreciate you!

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