Of course this is only a few of the artists we miss here. Write below the names of those you miss and spread the love! <3

💡Compo invite: Inactive Members
SC has seen some serious talents since its beginning. Some are still active, but many have left. They have left a lasting impression on many of us and even though they may think they are forgotten, we still remember them and their art. This could be a unique opportunity to be amazed and inspired by their beautiful art again, even if it's just for once. Guys, are you up for the challenge?

Rules: Carte Blanche! No rules! It is up to you to judge if you have been an inactive member of this community. Obviously if you posted in the last month, you're active

So as I will press the button, all members of this list (chosen by the commenters below) will be nudged. You are missed!
Iggycrypt Nobby Unihorse Lescot Macsorro POD Batman! Fae By McKay Vermeer Jenniration Y dub inkyMel Goodgirl_arcee Terra€otta Bagooters TWW Noel Tzilla Goatfish Wendy 🎨 Pantalla 64 Madd Zheks .reZL.sCK. Vofff 🌙NightOwl Lynn Dave L Pittbullpuppie
Robert Rendón ♦️Tino♦️ nika ChefChuck Lydia Bron ✨ Electric Lizzie Moore iPads Theo Ybema MammaJamma Eelco Deuling Pastor Bob PK artistIvanChew Isaia Craig-art AMD InFiNiTy InK Micropterus dolomieu Carrie124 Tily Atelier Deux Belges DITLEV Koban Cary Austin 吉祥物语-wds999 Dee K Red Willow Graphic Golfer PokeyParker Samuli AutoKite ELBEE Duke Carrie D Kabukiboy muse Jppozzy Veebster Sonia J PassingreMark Belun Laurel Aeronaute Bannock Cadillac Sam Cotton dleavitt Joanna Deb Michael Norskie Peking Duck PJ app.sketchclub.com/user/10115193 XepptizZ Duo Lefrog Just Bob RumfordJohnny Reba zunamo Whippeteer Kahlow Prem S BrokenChinaDoll CDevereaux Letter 19 Palaita and of course, Kingmaker. But I couldn't find his profile. Many many more members are missing on this list; please forgive our aging grey matter

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