I had so much fun with this...can you tell! Song, your bald lady is in there somewhere, you gave us such a gorgeous piece to play with. Thank you so much Songfeather for this wonderful opportunity.

One of my favourite childhood past times. Chasing butterflies..hence the title😊

Referenced the cage and butterflies.
Please full screen and zoom😊

✨Oh WoW! A feature....so delighted and surprise!! Not only did you give this a heart you also used your hard earn Thank you SO much MaggyC for highlighting this, I'm so honoured my talented friend✨😘

Will be back later with my manners. You all have great day!

Appreciate all the encouraging comments and s up

Thanks so much to my heart givers..
💚Awesome creative Zani
💙Stunning Fredo Lana
💛Fantastic sweet Angels
💜Graceful talented Obilio
❤️Thoughtful precious Sis Gr82no
💚Beautiful sharing co-op Songfeather
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❤️Incredible thoughtful 👼ngel NZ
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💛Talented sweetheart TiJi-NOC
💜Super zentangle Icy🐬
❤️Precious Birthday girl PaperweightPhantasm
💚Talented landscape Fran D


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