ArchID group challenge

Co-op with the wonderful MaggyC ...thanks so much for your awesome line work!

Ref the cat, apart from that all from the top of my head☺️
You can download this and check out my layers.

👉 For those that don't know how i made duplicates of Maggy's line art. Tap on Copy down, make sure there's a separate layer below, then hit the Transform tool..

Hehe...I just did my first live stream! 😀 1 hour and 34mins! Thanks so much to Gr82no Marisa F Maxxam, Frabitz, Flipflop, Diane, Tanshi and Tuneboo you were all amazing and so patience with me...again thank you! Big Hugs!

✨A feature! Thanks so much SC for highlighting my co-op with Maggy it feels great ✨

✨WOW...3rd place!!! Thank you so much for your votes and congrats to all the winners!

Appreciate all the fantastic comments and s up you leave..really means a lot!

Thanks so much for honouring my sketch with your precious <3
🌞 Delightful gorgeous Char
🌝 Charming excellent Mongo
🌞 NewbieGiGi🌻Laura L.
🌝 Precious brilliant Marisa F
🌞 Marvellous generous Coco
🌝 Sweet Angel sis Gr82no
🌞 Fantastic beautiful Michelle - 😘Happy birthday!🎁
🌝 Magnificent generous MaggyC
🌞Terrific Landscape Fran D
🌝Queen Disney Krisse vans
🌞Delightful illustrations Sheridan
🌝Queen of cuteness dear Jennifer💞
🌞Witty wonderful whimsical Reggie
🌝Thoughtful beautiful Quelonzia
🌞Wonderful creative Lizics
🌝Creative dear Orville
🌞Amazing cool sis Jules
🌝One and only sweet Buttercup
✨Precious generous Twinee1
✨Stunning kind Icy🐬
✨Great sunshine Joy G
✨Wonderful generous Linda S
✨BB queen Marcia Wegmann
✨Creative abstract Zani
✨Beautiful creative wind dancer
✨Kind beautiful Chooka Bear
✨Awesome poetry Gaile Hughes🇦🇺
✨Super excellent Ihmyours
✨Talented wonderful DREW OLIVER
✨Incredible creative ShellyBelly
✨Stunning floral Fran500
✨Beautiful kind Kay K
✨Delightful Simon and sprogs SorchaDuende☕️
✨Wonderful kind 🌹Lucille M. ✨💞
✨Sweet great Koban
✨Creative thoughtful 🌺Tori
✨Awesome talented P&AToo™
✨Super fantastic Paco
✨Fabulous great Tily
✨Delightful kind NormanArthur
✨Pixel queen 🌜MoonDoc
✨Talented anime Hevlie
✨Terrific generous NO LONGER WITH US. I
✨Generous fantastic Coltron
✨Creative and generous LOLA 🌬
✨Wonderful sweet BillyElla
✨Generous stunning Hawaiian Misty (Pam
✨Marvelous sweet Shgr12 (Shaneen)
April 1st 2014

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