I finally finished my lineless sketch! It has taken me three hours and forty minutes but it was worth it! There is a story behind this which I will get to later. This is NOT a ship of turbo x Bea! Just saying 😊
Anks to everyone for the advice and stuff, hope you like how it turned out

Cloudy x

Hugantinomous thanks for the hearts!
❤️ Freaky
💙 WildSpark
❤️ ArtisticShimmer
💙 Chronicles
❤️ Angels
💙 Mark
💙 ButterCup
❤️ Twinee1
💙 Doodle-x
❤️ LunarPaintbrush

A new Heart record!

I got a feature? I GOT A FEATURE!? ... YEAAAAAAAH!
Thanks to everyone for the hearts, likes and kind comments! Thanks to the Young Artists group who made this happen! You have no idea how much this means to me!

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