This is a copy of Alphons Mucha work titled as above. You can see the original at=20
File:Four Seasons by Alfons Mucha, circa 1895.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
commons.wikimedia.org3572 =C3=97 1934Search by image
File:Four Seasons by Alfons Mucha, circa 1895.jpg

I hope that will get you to an image.

I was about a third to half done when I noticed that I had an image load. The image is certainly the reference I used, but I did not use it as anything more, and have absolutely no idea how it got there. The app has been acting up the last couple of weeks, but I've been able to do what I want. I may have uploaded the image, but really can't imagine how.

Anyways, enough of my whining...hope you enjoy

Wow, it is so exciting to get a feature from an exemplary artist...thank you so much Shirley ( Shirlart ) it means a lot.

The May positive comments, the likes and the hearts are truly appreciated. Thanks for the ❤️s
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Created with an iPad and Jot Touch stylus
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