Red Flowers was the inspiration for this sketch. I wanted to try something different so I thought of flowers. This is in no way a direct copy of the Afremov painting. Playing with the Bristle brush was perfect for this sketch plus I added many of my own touches to change th total look of the work. I hope you will enjoy my attempt at a still life flower arrangement!


⭐️ Thank you so very Much Char for using your Feature Star on this sketch. I am so honored by your wonderful gift!!! Thank you once again!!!


. Thank You so much for honoring this sketch with your Thoughtful and wonderful Precious hearts!!!

LoRi H 💕Hugs💕
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Paco 💕Hugs💕

Thank you to Everyone for all the Precious Hearts, Wonderful Comments, and the Thumbs Up you have left for this sketch. I appreciate your support so much!!! I am absolutely blown away by all the beautiful comments and everyone' reaction to my sketch! I am humbled and honored!!! This will surely help speed on my recovery!!🌹

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